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    November 13, 2023
    Amazon and TikTok: The next Wave of Influencer-Driven Advertising

    Seamless Merging: The Amazon-TikTok Model

    Amazon and TikTok are revealing new advertising products, marking a significant shift
    in the influencer content sphere. They intend to expand the influence of creators through
    programmatic advertising, enabling ads to transition from smartphones to colossal
    billboards.¹ The underlying mission? To interconnect content with commerce, promising
    advertisers at unexpected levels of metric-driven insights.

    Creator-Driven Campaigns: Beyond Traditional Advertising

    Amazon Ads,, recently disclosed a partnership focused on propelling creator-generated
    ads both within and beyond Amazon, even within search outcomes. This initiative
    emphasizes the evolving dynamics where creator agencies can exploit retail media

    Their primary objective is to Amplify campaign reach while associating them with
    tangible sales. At the same time, TikTok revealed plans to programmatically project ads
    on digital billboards, further amplifying the reach of creator content.

    The Dynamics of Creator Agencies

    The landscape of influencer ads has been in flux, particularly with the dominance of
    TikTok and their concept of viral commerce. Brands now desire to leverage creator
    popularity for driving product sales.

    In this mix, juggernauts like Amazon have crafted media networks, embedding both
    targeting and intricate measurement tools.¹ As a result, consumers encounter ads that
    act like TikTok videos, but with direct pathways to platforms like Amazon store pages,
    personal websites, and TikTok Shops.

    TikTok’s Retail Findings

    Recently, TikTok showed its initial “self-attributing network” designed to carefully report
    consumer actions triggered by its ads. This move was in response to the growing
    realization that TikTok’s ad potential had often been underestimated. Furthermore, with
    the roll-out of TikTok Shop, an entire ecosystem of merchant storefronts within the app
    is now available, primarily aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses.²

    The Shifting Model of Creator Commerce

    Amazon and TikTok are continually enhancing their influencer-driven advertising
    arsenal. While Amazon’s strengths lie in its vast retail media network and data-rich
    platform, TikTok is venturing into uncharted territories with its programmatic ad
    inventory expansion to digital billboards.³

    Merging Realities: The New Advertising Horizon

    A shift between the online and offline advertising worlds is happening. The idea of
    advertising is evolving, with a clear focus on capturing attention through relevant
    content, regardless of its platform. Digital billboards, influencer posts, and more are
    becoming blended channels, driven by the overarching goal of reaching consumers with
    dynamic, targeted, and measurable campaigns.


    Written: Logan Koteras