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Adobe Students
Adobe tasked us with inspiring students and the next generation of creators, positioning Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications as the tools needed to achieve success.
Our Solution
Adobe Ambassadors

We partnered Adobe with five talented creators, each with different backgrounds, talents, and passions, to reach and inspire millions of students via custom social video content.

Five Talented +
Inspiring Creators
From All Walks of Life
Our Work
Jordan Taylor Wright
The Wright Way to Edit Travel Photos
Jordan Taylor Wright, an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, shared his own personal story of starting out using Adobe as a student in high school to inspire students and show them what is possible when you have a passion to create.
With Spring Break approaching, Jordan gave students a tutorial on how to edit their travel photos using Adobe Lightroom, while providing them with his own custom Lightroom presets to get started.
Drawing a Crowd
Famed illustrator Josiah Brooks hosted a YouTube live session to introduce the Adobe & Disney contest “Emoji As Told By You”, showing people how to create their own Emojis from Disney characters in Adobe Illustrator. He inspired students to create something new…
Josiah Brooks
…driving thousands of user submissions for the contest.
Rounding Out the Campaign
The Future is Yours.
Make it.
Platinum-selling recording artist and entrepreneur, Kevin Jonas, concluded the campaign with a powerful video that stressed the importance of challenging yourself to learn something new.
Entrepreneur + Entertainer
Kevin Jonas
The videos were also distributed via Adobe’s social media channels and were featured on the Adobe Students website.
Artistic Authenticity

All of the influencers we activated for Adobe were already users of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

The authenticity of the content allowed it to resonate and inspire students, driving this campaign’s results beyond its benchmarks.

13.6 million
people reached
213% of Goal
video views
99% Positive
170% of Goal
Best Instructional Video
Audience Honor
Best Instructional Video
Audience Honor
Best in Technology
Education & Discovery
Best in Technology
Social Content & Marketing
Educational & Instructional Video
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