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    January 25, 2024
    TikTok’s TV Takeover

    In the changing world of social media advertising, two significant trends are currently
    making waves. First, TikTok has transcended smartphones, finding its place on the big
    screen. Simultaneously, streaming services are redefining our content consumption
    habits. In this article, I explore the impact of TikTok’s direction into streaming services,
    providing guidance on how to navigate the world of social media advertising for top
    brand marketers.

    TikTok’s TV Dominance:

    The platform’s rise has been nothing short of extraordinary. TikTok has captured the
    attention of a global audience, reaching an astonishing 1.5 billion monthly active users
    at the end of 2023, and projected to reach 2 billion by the end of 2024.¹ The application’s
    momentum seems unstoppable amongst other social media platforms.

    TikTok has achieved a noteworthy milestone with its growth into smart TVs and linked
    devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung, and LG smart TVs. ² Designed
    with shared viewing experiences in mind, the TikTok TV app streamlines video
    streaming from the “For You” and “Following” pages.

    Tikok’s TV Trajectory: A Statistical Overview:

    Streaming services are eager to reach a transcending generation, who are increasingly
    turning to online platforms for entertainment.³

    Apple TV users lead the pack in terms of TikTok engagement, with a remarkable 33% of
    them actively using TikTok on a weekly basis. While Google Chromecast users stand at
    31%, Roku device owners follow closely behind at 29%. Owners of Amazon Firestick TVs
    and Samsung Smart TVs are both rather prevalent, with 28% of the market. Last but not
    least, LG Smart TVs exhibit notable involvement at 25%. The trend of watching
    full-length movies and TV shows in bite-sized chunks on TikTok has contributed to this
    surge in user activity.


    Key moments from shows and films often make their way into TikTok’s algorithm,
    engaging viewers. This unique approach fosters connections, encourages comments
    and humor, and allows users to skip filler content, all without additional costs.
    Streaming services have embraced this trend for promotional purposes, as seen with
    Peacock’s release of the pilot episode of “KILLING IT” on TikTok.

    The trend of consuming shows and movies in bite-sized portions on TikTok is expected
    to persist, particularly among younger audiences. This shift highlights the need for
    traditional entertainment platforms to adapt to changing viewer preferences.

    Predictions & Takeaways:

    TikTok’s expansion into smart TVs has the potential to disrupt traditional TV viewing
    patterns and challenge YouTube’s supremacy. Longer video formats on TikTok present
    fresh opportunities for advertisers to engage audiences.

    The synergy between TikTok and smart TVs unlocks exciting possibilities for
    cross-device advertising campaigns. The seamless transition of content from mobile
    devices to TVs opens innovative marketing avenues.

    Senior brand marketers must adapt to stay relevant, offering new ad opportunities and
    changing content consumption. As we navigate this dynamic terrain, we encourage
    readers to share their thoughts and experiences, fostering a collaborative dialogue on
    the future of social media advertising in the streaming era.


    Written By: Jessica Carrasco, Josue Saldana, Ryan Distaso