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Virginia Lottery
Virginia Lottery asked PopShorts to help generate excitement and drive purchase intent for their seasonal lottery scratchers.
Our Solution
Paid Social & Custom Content

We designed a custom strategy, based on past learnings, that optimized existing creative assets for social and leveraged original content with Virginia-based influencers.

Our Work
Sailing Towards a Luxurious Summer
Through photo galleries and videos, the influencers enthusiastically informed their social audiences of the opportunity to win $12 million in cash and prizes from Virginia Lottery’s Summer Luxury Cruisin’ Scratcher.
Call-to-actions drove fans to the Virginia Lottery website, where they could learn more and find a retailer near them.
Let the Festivities Begin!
For Friendsgiving, influencers used Virginia Lottery's Holiday Scratchers to complete each place setting and add a little extra fun to the occasion.
Holiday Scratchers were highlighted as the perfect stocking-stuffers and a fun gift idea.
Paid Social Strategy
Driving Traffic Across Social
By optimizing creative assets with layered targeting, we were able to reach Virginia Lottery's targets across social with an array of ads.
Snap a Pic!
Making the most of the Snapchat platform, we designed custom, festive filters that were geo-targeted to Virginians.
Cross-Platform Video Stories
Creative assets were transformed into eye-catching video stories and displayed across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, maximizing reach, awareness and purchase intent.
It's a Winner!

Our custom, cross-platform social strategy outperformed our client's expectations as the campaign surpassed Virginia Lottery's social benchmarks by 139%!

30.8 Million
total impressions
416,690 Enagements
and link clicks
94% Positive
3.3 Million
video views