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Lionsgate asked PopShorts to help build excitement among F18-44 for the theatrical launch of Knives Out.
Our Solution
Murder Mystery Mayhem

We created a Knives Out murder mystery version of the popular card game, Mafia, then had influencers stab each other in the back as they played the game around the Friendsgiving table.

A Backstabbing Friendsgiving
With Lionsgate's murder mystery, Knives Out, scheduled for a Thanksgiving release, we invited reality TV stars to a mischievous Friendsgiving to remember. We designed a murder mystery game, inspired by Mafia. Each of the influencers were assigned random roles, with the two murderers tasked with secretly working together to kill off everyone else without raising suspicion. This dramatic, backstabbing, murderous affair acted as an amuse-bouche to excite F18-44 and families for Knives Out.
How to Get Away with Murder
Lie. Point the finger of suspicion at other people. Do whatever it takes.
Behind the Scenes Drama
The influencers built excitement for the murderous dinner party and gave a first-person view into the drama by sharing BTS clips from the legendary Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills.
A Box Office Killing

Thanks in part to this successful campaign which surpassed all of our social benchmarks, Knives Out slayed at the box office, bringing in over $300MM.

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