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    September 28, 2023
    Deciphering the TikTok Influence: Bridging the Attribution Gap in Modern Marketing
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    The digital age has ushered in a renaissance of content consumption and brandinteraction. With shoppers accessing a plethora of devices and platforms, mapping their path to purchase has evolved into a sophisticated challenge. For decades, marketers have trusted click-based attribution methods to understand this maze. But TikTok, the entertainment-driven platform, has shifted the model.

    The Reality of Click-Only Attribution

    Traditional click-based measurements primarily cater to environments where users are actively searching and are a click away from making a purchase. Such methods, while effective in some contexts, dramatically undervalue platforms like TikTok. Here’s why:

    • TikTok’s content-rich ecosystem means users are deeply engrossed. Jumping from a TikTok video to a brand’s site can feel jarring, leading many to continue their TikTok journey and return to the brand later.¹
    • Contrary to common perception, TikTok isn’t merely a “view and buy” platform. It often serves as a launchpad, prompting users to further explore brands across various channels.¹
    • Shockingly, 79% of purchases influenced by TikTok go unnoticed by standard web advertiser attribution methods. Click-based models undervalue TikTok conversions by a staggering 73%.¹

    Best Practices for Capturing TikTok’s True Value

    The traditional tools and tactics are inadequate for measuring TikTok’s monumental impact. For advertisers to succeed, they must recalibrate:

    1. Embrace Comprehensive Attribution Windows: Combine both click-through and view-through windows. Consider longer periods, such as 28-day click-through attribution windows, to comprehensively assess your campaign’s impact.²
    2. Patience Pays: Avoid frequent changes to campaigns. Instead, give them time to mature and reveal more meaningful data.
    3. Customize and Refine: The one-size-fits-all approach is obsolete. Use tools like Performance Comparison under Attribution Analytics to adapt and optimize based on actionable insights.
    4. Collaborate with Third-Party Solutions: Trusted partners like Northbeam, Rockerbox, and TransUnion offer in-depth insights. Post-purchase surveys, such as those by Fairing and KnoCommerce, can further fine-tune your understanding of TikTok’s influence.²

    The Power of Multi-Touch Attribution

    Recognizing the need for a more holistic view of the customer journey, TikTok’s collaboration with TransUnion’s TruAudience™ Marketing Solutions offers multi-touch attribution (MTA).² This technique credits multiple touchpoints, providing a comprehensive view of which channels and tactics effectively drive conversions. Interestingly, TikTok stands out, ranking in the Top 50 percentile for effectiveness across almost all of TransUnion’s clientele.²

    Moving Forward with TikTok Analytics

    TikTok’s unique position in the digital realm is undeniable. Users don’t just skim through TikTok—they invest their time and attention. As the immersive TikTok experience defines modern content consumption, there’s a shift from immediate clicks to gathering inspiration, often culminating in purchases later.

    With tools like Attribution Analytics, TikTok seeks to give advertisers a deeper dive into user behaviors, enabling them to measure, analyze, and compare performances across various attribution windows.

    Written By: Logan Koteras