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    August 24, 2022
    Google Begins Rolling Out YouTube Shorts Ads
    [Screenshots by Google]


    At its Marketing Live event last week, Google announced that it would begin to gradually roll out ads on YouTube Shorts, which the company has been experimenting with over the past year. Google Ads vice president and general manager Jerry Dischler¹ detailed that this new development is a key step in implementing a long-term monetization strategy for the YouTube Shorts feature.


    Though ads have already started to roll out, creators have yet to receive a direct revenue share. Instead, the platform plans to continue using the YouTube Shorts Fund, similar to short-form video platform TikTok’s Creator Fund, to compensate its creators. According to a YouTube spokesperson, the Shorts fund, initially implemented last year, will continue to be used until the long-term monetization strategy is finalized.


    [Screenshots by Google]


    Google introduces shoppable ads to YouTube Shorts


    Google’s new ad initiative for YouTube Shorts will introduce shoppable ads to the platforms, allowing advertisers to intertwine product feeds with ad campaigns. This format makes shopping more convenient and accessible, as users will be able to shop for products directly from the ads by clicking a button at the bottom of the screen.²


    The new feature stands to compete with rival and micro-video platform TikTok, which also allows users to shop directly from advertisers without having to navigate to their browsers. 


    YouTube is no stranger to interactive and shoppable content. In May, the platform introduced a new live shopping feature that would allow creators and brand partners to co-host live streams together and promote shoppable live events that will enable viewers to purchase products directly from the live stream.


    [Screenshots by Google]


    Google Updates Its New Search Data


    At the Google Marketing Live event, the new announcements didn’t stop with the addition of new YouTube Shorts advertising. Google noted the new search data that will aid in audience targeting. The latest data includes attribution, budget, and audience insights.³ 


    Attribution insights will highlight how ads work together across multiple platforms. Budget insights allow users to see how their ad spending aligns with set budget goals. Audience insights show how a creator’s desired target leads the campaign’s performance.  


    Youtube creators can utilize all three new reports to navigate their short-form advertising. The latest update to the insights offers a deeper understanding of audiences and improved targeting. 


    Written by: Shelby Martin & Kieara Rios

    Image design by: Candace Castillo & Sara Freyre