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    May 11, 2022
    Instagram Tests out ‘Templates’ for Reels

    Instagram Tests out ‘Templates’ for Reels

    Instagram has announced they are testing out a ‘template’ feature for Reels to enable users to replicate the format of a previous Reels clip they have made.

    This new ‘template’ process would allow creators to use any Reels clip as a template, creating a framework of clips that match the timestamp of the original Reel. Users are then able to insert their own clips into the frame markers.¹ This new tool will essentially allow creators to copy the format of a previous Reel. This can be helpful when creative inspiration is needed or when they are unable to insert the photos and clips to the correct timing. 

    However, there is some worry that this new feature will allow creators to more easily plagiarize other people’s ideas, but Instagram’s new algorithm, which favors original content, should neutralize this. 

    Screenshot from Alessandro Paluzzi

    Making Reels Simpler

    In a statement, a Meta spokesperson said that they are constantly working on new ways to make Reels simpler to create.² This new ‘Template’ feature could be a way to spark creativity in users and entice them into creating more Reels in the app. 

    This feature would prevent users from using third-party templates from sites such as Canva to help with the format. Some users have mentioned they have had to closely follow online tutorials to achieve the specific arrangement they want to create for their Reel. 

    ‘Template’ is another way Meta is making Reels more enticing to creators over other short-form content apps.

    Screenshot from Jo Millie

    TikTok vs. Instagram

    TikTok has a feature similar to this new ‘template’ called Audio Sync. It allows users to upload clips and pictures, enabling them to sync up perfectly to the beat of the music the user has chosen. This feature is very popular, and it seems that ‘Template’ may be another attempt by Meta to keep up with TikTok. Influencer Josephine Hill mentioned she was looking for something similar to Audio Sync for Instagram Reels. ‘Template’ seems to be the answer.³

    Many users currently upload their TikToks to Instagram Reels, but the hope is this new feature will encourage users to create content directly in the Instagram app. 


    Written by Esther Rodriguez

    Image Design by Minnie Huynh