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    June 14, 2021
    Twitter Tests New Fleets Ad Format

    Twitter is testing advertisements for its less than permanent tweet feature, Fleets. November 2020 marked Twitter’s release of Fleets, the app’s version of the Stories feature presented on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Fleets allow you to share texts, photos, videos, and other tweets for a maximum of 24 hours¹.


    In an announcement made on June 1st, Twitter rolled out a new feature, Fleet ads, to a limited group of people in the U.S. on both IOS and Android.

    Photo by Twitter, & Disney+


    What should brands know about Fleet ads?

    This new addition will mimic Instagram and TikTok by incorporating a ‘Promoted’ tag on each ad. Fleet ads can also support images and videos up to 30 seconds long and give advertisers the “swipe up” feature as a call-to-action for viewers. 

    Fleets are currently behind Instagram and Snapchat stories in terms of features since they only allow basic functions such as background, text, and stickers.

    How can brands benefit from Fleet ads?

    Social media apps like Instagram and TikTok have utilized the inclusion of promotional ads within their stories. Fleet ads will give brands the opportunity to grow their engagement further.

    Photo by Twitter & Wendy’s


    Twitter continues to grow each year, reaching 199 million monetizable daily active users for the first quarter of 2021, increasing 7 million users in just one quarter. In addition, as more users are adopting the platform, ad revenue has seen a rise, netting them about 300 million in revenue in just advertising alone in one year².


    Brands can also see the effectiveness of their ad campaigns through the engagement analytics on Twitter. Advertisers will receive the standard Twitter Ads metrics, including profile visits, impressions, clicks, website visits, and more. Twitter has also stated that if the video is creative, they will report on “video views, 6s video views, starts, completes, quartile reporting, and more³.” 


    As testing for Fleet Ads proceeds, Twitter hopes to gain more insight on interactions to expand promotional opportunities and brand partnerships for the future.